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Unsecure windows provide the main entry point for break-in's in Auckland.


Window Locks & Window Safety Latches Installed at Your Auckland Home

Approximately 70% of intruders enter through a window compared to a door.

The security of your home is of paramount importance, and ensuring your windows are properly secured is a crucial step in preventing unauthorized access. The majority of burglaries are contributed to by the householder either through leaving "opportunities" in the form of open windows or a lack of quality security hardware.

This emphasizes the need for effective window safety latches and lock installation in Auckland and security devices.

The Vulnerability of Windows

Windows, while offering aesthetic and functional benefits, can also be the weakest link in your home's security. Intruders often target windows as an entry point due to their vulnerabilities. This vulnerability is more pronounced when it comes to certain types of windows, such as aluminium windows not fitted with proper security devices.

Enhancing Window Security with Deadlocking Sash-Locks and

Sail City Locksmiths, experts in home security, highly recommend installing deadlocking sash locks and window safety latches  to secure your windows effectively. These devices offer a multi-pronged approach to window security, providing both protection and convenience.

Restrictor Stays

Restrictor Stays

Restrictor stays are designed to provide both ventilation and security when you are present at home. Sail City Locksmiths suggests installing a pair of restrictor stays on each side of the window. These devices offer reasonable security and are not removable, ensuring constant protection.



Securi-stays offer advanced protection against intruders and are also child-safe. They prevent windows from being fully opened, making it difficult for anyone to enter your home through the window. These devices are recommended based on your specific application, with one or two devices per window. They can be removed using the provided tool, giving you flexibility while maintaining security.

Deadlocking Sash-Locks

Deadlocking Sash-Locks

Deadlocking sash-locks are a reliable solution to prevent easy entry through windows. These locks can be fitted to both aluminium and timber windows. By engaging the lock with a key, the window sash is firmly locked to the frame, making it significantly harder for intruders to force their way in.

The added benefit is that breaking glass to gain entry creates noise and attention, which intruders are more likely to avoid. These locks can also be supplied keyed alike (same key), meaning you can have a single key for multiple windows. Sail City Locksmiths recommend installing one deadlocking sash-lock per window.

Enhancing Aesthetics and Security

Enhancing Aesthetics and Security

The new look guardian restrictor stays, designed to enhance window security and cater to your aesthetic preferences, add an attractive dimension to your house. These stays are not only functional but also visually appealing. They can be disengaged when you want to open the window, offering convenience and fully ensuring security.


Additional Services by Sail City Locksmiths:

In addition to recommending and installing security devices, Sail City Locksmiths offers various services to bolster your window security.

  • We replace broken window safety latches (fasteners) for aluminium and timber windows.
    This service ensures that even the smaller components of your window security system are in optimal condition.

  • We also specialise in replacing old and damaged models, providing a comprehensive solution for all your window security needs.

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