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Window Security

Restrictor Stay fitted to Aluminium Window

Unsecure windows provide the main entry point for break-in's in Auckland!

Approximately 70% of intruders enter through a window compared to a door.


The majority of burglaries are contributed to by the householder either, through leaving "opportunities" in the form of open windows, or through lack of quality security hardware.  Aluminum windows are particularly at risk if they are not fitted with a security device.

Sail City Locksmiths recommend installing deadlocking Sash-locks and Security-stays to secure windows.  Restrictor Stays and Security Stays allow windows to be left open to provide ventilation while you are at home or at your place of work. By restricting the window from opening too widely, they also provide security for children.

Restrictor Stays (pictured above) are devices that allow ventilation, providing a reasonable degree of security whilst ble degree of security whilst the householder is at home.  Recommendation is for a parir to be installed, one to each side. The devices are not removable

Securi-Stay installed to aluminium window.

Securi-Stays (pictured right) offer protection from intruders entering through the window and from the window being opened fully, providing security for children falling through the window.  Recommendation is for one or two devices depending on application.  Devices are fully removable with tool provided.


Window Deadlocks prevent easy entry... remember breaking glass creates noise and attention, so intruders like to avoid this situation.  Deadlocking (with a key) window sash-locks (pictured below) can be fitted to Aluminum and Timber Windows, and lock up the window sash to the frame for increased security. Locks can be supplied keyed alike (same key). Deadlocking devices are available for wooden and aluminium windows. One device installed per window.

 Deadlocking Sash-Lock installed to aluminium window


Guardian Securistay Window Restrictor

The new look Guardian Restrictor stays (pictured left) are an attractive addition to the window security market.  This model can be disengaged to allow the window to open fully if required.  

We also replace broken window catches (fasteners) for both Aluminium and Timber Windows, replacing old and damaged models like the one pictuced to the right.