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Home Security Check-List

Secure your Home

Points to Consider!

  • Install Reliable Locks preferably Deadbolts to doors and windows
  • Ensure Ground Floor windows at the very least are fitted with security devices
  • Install Window Security-Stays to provide ventilation while at home and window sash-locks to secure
  • Lock your Garage - Replace faulty locks/padlocks
  • Ensure a good Deadlock is fitted to your back door
  • Install a Double-Cylinder Deadbolt to the front door and all other external doors including the connecting door between the house and garage
  • Secure gates with a padlock
  • Install a Door Viewer
  • Aluminium/Glass Doors are particularly vulnerable -install a deadlocking Patio Bolt or Mortice Lock
  • Install Ranchslider Deadlocks (Albany Endeavour)
  • Fit Deadlocking Patio Bolts to sliding Doors 



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