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Access Control - Electronic Security

Keyless Entry Locks
Thanks to technology, keyless entry systems have become an increasingly popular method of securing commercial premises. Sail City Locksmiths  offer and install a wide range of Electronic Access Systems.

With a variety of systems on the market, we can advise on the best technology for your workplace environment.

Choose from Key Cards, Proximity and Swipe Card, Combination Keypad Locks and even Fingerprint Recognition Locks to secure your premises... a whole world of choice with the outcome of eliminating keys.

Electronic Locks provide strength, simplicity and reliability with enhanced features and convenience.  Many mechanical devices can be fitted as easily as normal door locks and are simple to maintain, yet provide state of the art answers to securing areas.

Electronic access eliminates the cost and problems of issuing and managing keys.  Call Sail City Locksmiths today for information on a range of Electronic Security options..... (09) 303 4011.

Recognised Brands available include: Kaba Total Access, Solitaire Series, E-Flash and E-Plex Systems.
We also service and install Electronic Drop Bolts and Magnetic Clamp Locks for Aluminium and Glass Doors.